Data Ventures is looking for bright entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their great business ideas into reality.

We are a data technology-driven venture building and venture capital firm based in Warsaw, Poland. Our investment is much more than pure financials: at the day 0 your team will be strengthened by our IT and big data specialists, product managers, designers and operations specialist to ensure fast execution and proper market timing.

In 2009 we created Data Invest -
a high-tech company focused on helping organizations better manage their data. We became experts in cutting edge technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, high performance computing and cloud solutions. We operate from Poland. Today as Data Ventures we aim to invest in most promising technologies of tomorrow.


Piotr Smoleń CFA, CAIA

Piotr is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist sharing a passion for capital markets and computer science. In Data Ventures he is responsible for cooperation with senior management of portfolio companies, sourcing of new projects and dealflow management. He is a CEO and co-founder of Turbine Analytics S.A. – fast growing fintech company based in Poland. In the past he worked as an investment analyst in stock exchange based PE Fund – NFI Midas S.A. Piotr graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics (M.Sc. Finance and Accounting) and he is a CFA and CAIA Charterholder.